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Take a tour of the Stingray Sandbar and the Barrier Reef in the beautiful, clear waters of Grand Cayman.

While vacationing in the Cayman Islands, experience the beauty of snorkeling tours at some of the most exciting tourist attractions found in the Caribbean Sea! Come with Captain Dexter to Stingray Sandbar to feed and swim among the stingrays. Stingray Sandbar is the Cayman Islands’ most popular tourist attraction and is located between Stingray City and Rum Point. Then we’re off to the barrier reef to snorkel in the beautiful, shallow coral reefs in their natural environment. There isn’t a need for scuba diving gear because you can view the same marine life while snorkelling the shallow waters.

Dexter’s Fantasea Tours is ideal for family members of all ages, whether you want to go into the water or not. Captain Dexter is famous for his great sense of humor, and his tours are never overcrowded. This trip is for people who want to have a little fun, but also relax and forget everything.

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Stingray & Reef Tour Info

Stingray and Snorkeling Tour

Fantasea Tours offers 2 trips every day.

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